Plano Tx Real Estate Values* and 
Plano Tx
Home Values* - January 2009 to June 2009

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Plano boasts over 3,600 acres of public parks, offering more than 40 miles of recreational trails, six recreation centers, three public golf courses, 81 public tennis courts including a 21-court tennis center, five public swimming pools, 93 soccer/football fields and 61 baseball/ softball fields.

Plano is an exciting city located in the heart of Collin County Texas. Plano has a population of 222,100 and is located only 17 minutes away from Dallas. Plano is truly a Texas sized city, and has a great economy with massive growth expansion reflecting this fact.

From its detailed scenic views to its historic downtown, Plano was sculpted from the ground up. Plano has an abundance of houses in the area that are pleasantly affordable. You can choose from apartments and town homes of all sizes, single family starter homes to luxurious houses situated on a golf course community. One of the many draws of Plano, Texas is the shopping. Plano has more than 70 shopping centers, including two malls, an outlet mall and a historic central shopping district.


Plano Residential Home Sales Statistics for Homes Sold
from Jan 1, 2009 to June 30, 2009
- 1323 Sales*
  Square Feet Bedrooms Full Baths Half Baths List Price Sale Price Price per Square Foot Days on Market
Min 746 1 1 0 $49,900 $1,700 $0 0
Avg 2614 3 2 0 $260,447 $250,786 $95 66
Max 7137 7 7 3 $2,500,000 $2,050,000 $292 758


Plano2500 E Azalea Boulevard$49,9002Beds/1Baths/800SqftBriarpark Village 08
Plano1637 Francis $54,0003Beds/2.1Baths/1085SqftPlano Park 01
Plano1516 Laurel Lane$60,3003Beds/1.1Baths/1189SqftWyatt North 01
Plano1619 14Th Lane$64,9003Beds/1.1Baths/1052SqftPlano Park 01
Plano3801 Platt Street$72,0002Beds/1.1Baths/1033SqftPheasant Landing 06
Plano1021 Janet Drive$74,0003Beds/2Baths/1263SqftPark Forest 01
Plano2905 Westminster Court$74,9993Beds/1Baths/1044SqftMeadows 01
Plano3332 Kingston Drive$75,0003Beds/2Baths/1328SqftVillage North Add 03
Plano2812 Greenbriar Drive$78,8003Beds/2Baths/1809SqftRoyal Oaks
Plano1913 Lorraine Court$89,0003Beds/2Baths/1520SqftBriarwood Estates
Plano1508 Lockhart Drive$89,9003Beds/2Baths/1526SqftArmstrong Park 02
Plano944 Green Oaks Drive$90,0003Beds/2Baths/1505SqftParkhill
Plano5006 Opelousas Drive$93,5003Beds/2Baths/1930SqftPark Forest 02
Plano6528 Monahans Court$94,9003Beds/2Baths/1371SqftPark Forest North 02
Plano6205 Hawthorne Court$95,0004Beds/2Baths/1857SqftParkhill
Plano1908 Glenwood Lane$96,9003Beds/2Baths/1388SqftPlano Park 08
Plano3436 Ezekial Lane$98,0003Beds/2Baths/1210SqftVillage North Add 02
Plano2601 Scarlet Way$99,9003Beds/2.1Baths/1444SqftMadison Estates
Plano6713 Park Drive$99,9003Beds/2Baths/1819SqftCreek Trails
Plano1412 E Spanish Boulevard$100,0003Beds/2Baths/1230SqftArmstrong Park 01
Plano1704 Peppertree Trail$104,9003Beds/2Baths/1460SqftPark Forest North
Plano2805 San Antonio Place$108,9003Beds/2Baths/1690SqftPlano East 01
Plano1217 Glen Forest $109,9003Beds/2Baths/1591SqftPark Forest North 8
Plano2520 Jabbet Lane$110,5003Beds/2Baths/1858SqftParker Road Estates West 03 E
Plano1220 Hilltop Circle$116,7003Beds/2Baths/1769SqftCross Creek 03 Sec 01 02
Plano3629 Crystal Lane$119,9003Beds/2Baths/1652SqftIndependence Village
Plano1704 Jabbet Way$119,9003Beds/2Baths/1660SqftRidgewood 04
Plano1405 Hendrick Drive$119,9003Beds/2Baths/1452SqftCross Creek 04
Plano1516 Teakwood Drive$119,9003Beds/2Baths/1445SqftRidgewood 06
Plano2512 Kiowa Lane$121,5003Beds/2Baths/2358SqftUniversity Estates 02 02
Plano6517 Shannon Court$122,5003Beds/2Baths/1642SqftPark Forest North 08
Plano809 Seabrook Drive$123,0003Beds/2Baths/1453SqftCross Creek East 02
Plano1401 Lynbrook Drive$124,9003Beds/2Baths/1500SqftRussell Creek 02
Plano3120 Finley Drive$125,0004Beds/2.1Baths/2214SqftCloisters 05
Plano1328 Dryden Drive$125,0003Beds/2Baths/1638SqftCross Creek 03 Sec 01 02
Plano9929 R Lane$127,0002Beds/2.1Baths/1542SqftPasquinelli S Kingsbrook At Ri
Plano2625 Peppertree Avenue$128,0003Beds/2Baths/1831SqftPlano Park 04
Plano2620 Heather Ridge Place$129,9003Beds/2Baths/1621SqftPlano East 01
Plano8525 Harvest Glen Drive$130,0002Beds/1.1Baths/1418SqftPasquinelli S Hidden Creek Est
Plano1432 Brunchberry Drive$130,0003Beds/2Baths/1440SqftPark Forest 03
Plano3224 Spring Creek Lane$131,2003Beds/2Baths/1404SqftSpring Creek Parkway Est.
Plano1307 W Dodge Parkway$131,9003Beds/2Baths/1872SqftPark Forest North 04
Plano6400 Maple Leaf Court$134,0004Beds/2Baths/2394SqftPark Forest North 01
Plano2209 Angelina Drive$134,5004Beds/2Baths/2004SqftTimbercreek Estates
Plano4021 Sherrye $134,9003Beds/2Baths/1657SqftLos Rios 06
Plano3205 Westridge Drive$134,9003Beds/2Baths/2058SqftBriarwood East 02
Plano2017 Todd Drive$135,0004Beds/2.1Baths/2289SqftDallas North Estates 09
Plano1312 Cambridge $136,9003Beds/2Baths/1406SqftRussell Creek #03
Plano861 Burrows Drive$137,5003Beds/2Baths/1700SqftWestgate 01
Plano6520 Gila Court$138,9003Beds/2Baths/1910SqftPark Forest North 07
Plano6407 Glen Forest Court$139,5003Beds/2Baths/1910SqftPark Forest North 04
Plano2207 Oklahoma Lane$139,5003Beds/2Baths/1729SqftParker Road Estates West 02 E
Plano2305 Wilkins Avenue$139,8603Beds/2.1Baths/1429SqftOak Point Estates
Plano9812 Roundrock Way$139,9003Beds/2.1Baths/1597SqftWestbrook At Ridgeview 01 Pasq
Plano2416 Kipling Trail$139,9003Beds/2Baths/1770SqftPark Blvd Estates West #01
Plano720 Prescott Drive$139,9004Beds/2Baths/1714SqftWestgate 02
Plano7909 Natalie Drive$139,9003Beds/2Baths/1758SqftCross Creek 06
Plano2629 Bass $141,9004Beds/2Baths/2190SqftBriarwood Estates
Plano901 Cross Bend Drive$142,5003Beds/2Baths/1636SqftCross Creek East
Plano3404 Moore Road$144,9004Beds/3.1Baths/2916SqftWhiffletree 02
Plano1916 Eldorado Drive$144,9003Beds/2Baths/1479SqftSanta Fe Estates 03
Plano4300 Northcrest Drive$144,9003Beds/2Baths/2042SqftHighlands North 05
Plano2304 Jabbet Drive$145,0005Beds/2Baths/2173SqftDallas North Estates 09
Plano1517 Ables Drive$146,0003Beds/2Baths/1404SqftCross Creek 04
Plano2408 Los Rios Drive$148,9003Beds/2Baths/1734SqftPreston Ridge 02
Plano2001 Chasefield $149,0003Beds/3Baths/2213SqftLos Rios 
Plano2232 Rigsbee Drive$149,0003Beds/2.1Baths/1663SqftHunters Gate
Plano2120 Bass Drive$149,0003Beds/2Baths/1833SqftBriarwood Estates 02
Plano1109 14Th Drive$149,9004Beds/2Baths/2113SqftCross Creek 03 Sec 01 02
Plano1722 Coyote Place$149,9004Beds/2.1Baths/2257SqftSouthwood Estates
Plano3309 Parkhaven Way$149,9003Beds/2Baths/1851SqftSanta Fe Estates 05
Plano2720 Nightfall Drive$149,9005Beds/3Baths/2524SqftPark Blvd Estates West 01
Plano4208 Estacado Drive$153,5003Beds/2Baths/1753SqftShadow Run
Plano3501 Renee Lane$153,9003Beds/2Baths/1859SqftRidgeview Park 02
Plano3600 Crestview Drive$154,9003Beds/3Baths/1754SqftRuisseau Place 02A
Plano7805 Minter Drive$154,9003Beds/2Baths/1972SqftFountain Creek 03
Plano1344 Bigelow Road$155,5003Beds/2Baths/1592SqftRussell Creek 02
Plano8742 California Drive$159,0003Beds/2.1Baths/1597SqftHidden Creek Estates 03 & 04
Plano1527 Rockwall Trail$159,0004Beds/2Baths/2088SqftPark Forest North 01
Plano9808 Whispering Road$159,8002Beds/2Baths/1562SqftWestbrook At Ridgeview 01 Pasq
Plano3705 Landershire Circle$159,9004Beds/3.1Baths/2828SqftKimberlea 02
Plano3021 Janwood Lane$159,9004Beds/3Baths/2698SqftPrairie Creek Estates 03
Plano1517 Collin Drive$159,9004Beds/3Baths/2296SqftDallas North Estates 04
Plano3012 Northridge Court$159,9004Beds/2Baths/1949SqftCopper Creek Estates
Plano1308 Jenning Drive$159,9003Beds/2Baths/2048SqftDallas North Estates
Plano4313 Hawken Court$159,9003Beds/2Baths/1472SqftPreston Square
Plano1925 Baxter $159,9004Beds/2Baths/2004SqftHunter Ridge 03
Plano1208 Goldenrod Drive$161,9003Beds/2Baths/1840SqftCross Creek #03 1 & 2
Plano7120 Sassafras Drive$162,9003Beds/2Baths/1495SqftCuster Creek Estates
Plano1408 Deep Valley Drive$164,9004Beds/2Baths/1974SqftNorthwood
Plano2916 New Orleans Trail$164,9994Beds/2.1Baths/2054SqftPark Blvd Estates West 02B
Plano4532 Brooksby Drive$165,0003Beds/2.1Baths/2014SqftPlace 02 544
Plano8508 Clermont Drive$167,5003Beds/2Baths/1761SqftStonehaven Place 03
Plano2213 Ridge Hollow Circle$168,9003Beds/3Baths/2684SqftHunters Glen 02
Plano3001 Danube Drive$169,9004Beds/2.1Baths/2183SqftTrails
Plano1505 Laurel Lane$169,9003Beds/2Baths/2046SqftPitman Creek North 02
Plano3421 Wesson Lane$169,9004Beds/2.1Baths/2449SqftPark Hollow 02
Plano6733 Aimpoint Drive$172,9003Beds/2Baths/1944SqftHunters Ridge 03
Plano6809 Oklahoma Drive$172,9994Beds/2Baths/2153SqftHunters Ridge 03

Plano2301 Standish Avenue$173,2503Beds/2.1Baths/1712SqftOak Point Estates
Plano7704 Mosswood Circle$173,5003Beds/2Baths/1857SqftCross Creek 06B
Plano3332 Country Club Drive$173,5004Beds/2Baths/1815SqftTimber Brook Estates 07
Plano1921 Brazos Drive$173,9003Beds/2.1Baths/2033SqftLos Rios 01
Plano1604 Estacado Trail$174,0003Beds/2Baths/2402SqftPitman Creek North 01
Plano3553 Cross Bend Lane$174,5003Beds/2Baths/1859SqftRidgeview Park 02
Plano1817 Sailmaker Road$174,9003Beds/2Baths/1863SqftCross Bend
Plano3420 Hearthstone Lane$174,9003Beds/2Baths/1944SqftSpring Creek Pkwy Estates West
Plano1712 Guthrie Drive$174,9003Beds/2Baths/1876SqftWoodhaven
Plano4016 Janwood Drive$174,9003Beds/2.1Baths/2154SqftHighland Meadows
Plano1605 Mura Drive$175,0003Beds/2Baths/2175SqftDallas North Estates 04
Plano8224 Crowley Drive$175,0003Beds/2Baths/1854SqftCrestwood #2
Plano4500 Pompeii Drive$178,5003Beds/2Baths/1993SqftPreston Ridge 02
Plano7217 Colmar Way$178,9002Beds/2Baths/1401SqftPasquinellis Parker Estates
Plano1440 Wonderland Drive$179,0004Beds/2Baths/2088SqftRussell Creek 01
Plano4312 Timbercreek Drive$179,6504Beds/2Baths/2065SqftBristol Pointe Estates 02
Plano2601 Gunnison Drive$179,9004Beds/3Baths/2349SqftTimbercreek Estates
Plano1709 Judge Holland Drive$179,9005Beds/2.1Baths/2728SqftPark Ridge
Plano3237 Bedfordshire Lane$179,9002Beds/2Baths/1733SqftWestbrook At Ridgeview
Plano2905 Centenary Lane$179,9004Beds/2Baths/2498SqftBriarmeade 01
Plano4624 Ridge Hollow Drive$179,9003Beds/2.1Baths/2086SqftPreston Ridge 03 A
Plano3005 Wandering $179,9003Beds/2Baths/1843SqftTrails
Plano3617 Bandera Trail$184,9003Beds/2Baths/2119SqftRiver Bend Park Community
Plano3933 Clinton Drive$184,9003Beds/2.1Baths/2364SqftLos Rios 05
Plano912 Heatherton Drive$185,5004Beds/2.1Baths/2359SqftGreenhollow Estates
Plano2213 Fall Wheat Place$186,9003Beds/2.1Baths/2218SqftHunters Gate
Plano3916 Marsh Drive$189,0004Beds/3Baths/2214SqftRiver Bend 01
Plano2601 Dunwick Lane$189,5002Beds/2Baths/1536SqftVillage At Prestonwood
Plano2701 Miami $189,5004Beds/3Baths/2867SqftHunters Glen 06
Plano4628 Rossi Drive$189,9003Beds/2Baths/1728SqftPreston Pointe
Plano6655 Loch Haven Drive$189,9004Beds/2Baths/2135SqftHunters Ridge 01
Plano2520 Jeker Drive$189,9004Beds/2Baths/2076SqftWest Plano Estates 01
Plano4332 Mosswood Drive$189,9004Beds/2.1Baths/2391SqftCreekside Estates 02
Plano3324 Jomar Drive$191,9004Beds/2.1Baths/2339SqftTimber Brook Estates 07
Plano3014 Cross Bend Drive$192,5003Beds/2.1Baths/2151SqftWooded Creek
Plano1816 Brewster Road$193,9004Beds/2.1Baths/2201SqftCountry Place 04
Plano3524 Solarium Drive$194,9004Beds/2Baths/2283SqftRidgeview Park 02
Plano3604 Oleander Place$194,9953Beds/2.1Baths/2358SqftRiver Bend West
Plano2809 Cloverleaf Drive$195,0004Beds/2.1Baths/2514SqftPark Hollow 02
Plano7217 Talisman Drive$195,0004Beds/2Baths/2168SqftTimber Brook North
Plano3616 Westridge Trail$195,0004Beds/3Baths/2307SqftBiltmore Swim Racquet Club 01
Plano1820 Burlington Drive$197,0004Beds/3Baths/2679SqftDallas North Estates 08
Plano1333 Leathertop Drive$199,0003Beds/2Baths/2297SqftWest Creek Estates 02 A
Plano3529 Seneca Drive$199,5003Beds/3Baths/2347SqftHigh Place 02
Plano5629 Idyllwild Drive$199,9003Beds/2Baths/2256SqftWoodlands Of Plano
Plano1621 Webster Court$199,9004Beds/3Baths/2079SqftCopper Creek Estates
Plano2516 Chandler Drive$199,9904Beds/2.1Baths/2573SqftCastlery
Plano7100 Indian Paint Drive$200,0004Beds/2Baths/2192SqftBradford Estates
Plano2529 Postbridge Drive$200,0004Beds/2Baths/2137SqftFairways Of Ridgeview #1
Plano4520 Catskill Drive$204,1554Beds/2Baths/2241SqftWindsor Park 02
Plano8401 Miami Court$204,9003Beds/3Baths/2083SqftCourtyards At Russell Creek 01
Plano4620 Big Horn Drive$204,9503Beds/2.1Baths/2167SqftPreston Pointe
Plano3536 Sewanee Trail$205,0004Beds/3Baths/2235SqftHigh Place 03
Plano3000 Brinker Drive$209,9004Beds/3Baths/2651SqftDallas North Estates 12 04
Plano4305 Bonita Court$209,9003Beds/2.1Baths/2425SqftEstates At Fountain Creek
Plano4037 Chamberlain Drive$214,0005Beds/3.1Baths/2989SqftHighland Meadows
Plano2305 Rolling Hills Drive$214,5004Beds/2.1Baths/2620SqftHunters Glen 02
Plano3828 Jenning Drive$214,9004Beds/3Baths/2249SqftParkdale
Plano4436 Sawtooth Drive$214,9004Beds/2.1Baths/2184SqftPrestondale
Plano3108 Case Drive$217,9003Beds/2.1Baths/1910SqftCourtyards At Russell Creek 01
Plano8009 Switzerland Ave Drive$219,7004Beds/3Baths/2576SqftCrestwood
Plano1908 Loch Haven $219,9004Beds/2.1Baths/2459SqftOakwood Glen
Plano2217 Grandview Drive$219,9004Beds/2.1Baths/2353SqftHunters Glen 02
Plano2308 La Vida Drive$219,9004Beds/3Baths/2452SqftDallas North Estates 09
Plano2513 Chester Place$219,9004Beds/3Baths/2591SqftWest Plano Estates 02
Plano1717 Millstream Drive$220,0004Beds/2Baths/2445SqftLegacy Hills 04
Plano2700 Pheasant Run Drive$224,9004Beds/2.1Baths/2884SqftCreekbend Estates 01
Plano6628 Bellerive Road$224,9004Beds/4Baths/2710SqftQuail Creek
Plano2916 Apple Valley Drive$225,0004Beds/2Baths/2278SqftRidgeview Ranch 04
Plano2128 Ballinger $225,0004Beds/3Baths/2505SqftHunters Glen #03
Plano4460 Hartford Court$228,0003Beds/2Baths/2102SqftPrestondale
Plano4509 Fleetwood Drive$229,9004Beds/2Baths/2143SqftHighlands North 05
Plano8021 Fountain Head Drive$229,9004Beds/2.1Baths/2558SqftCrestwood
Plano2169 Trophy $230,0004Beds/2Baths/2467SqftHunters Glen Village
Plano2900 Cimmaron Drive$230,0005Beds/3Baths/3718SqftHunters Glen 10
Plano2412 Firebrook Drive$232,0004Beds/2.1Baths/2879SqftKnolls At Russell Creek 04B
Plano4305 Cardinal Drive$234,9004Beds/3.1Baths/3218SqftStoney Hollow 06
Plano2301 Walters Drive$235,0004Beds/3Baths/2634SqftHunters Glen 07
Plano1936 Dry Creek Drive$235,0004Beds/2.1Baths/2483SqftHunters Ridge
Plano7112 Sandy Trail Drive$237,5003Beds/2.1Baths/2197SqftVillage At Legacy
Plano3117 Biscayne Lane$239,0004Beds/3.1Baths/3035SqftCarriage Hill
Plano2908 Glenrose Circle$239,0004Beds/3Baths/2366SqftDallas North Estates 12
Plano4605 Valcourt Way$239,0003Beds/2.1Baths/2484SqftPreston Green
Plano2220 Kite Meadow Drive$239,9003Beds/2.1Baths/2372SqftQuail Creek
Plano3929 Alderwood Drive$239,9004Beds/3.1Baths/3354SqftStoney Hollow
Plano8012 Jacobson Drive$239,9004Beds/2.1Baths/2571SqftCrestwood
Plano2904 Trellis Drive$247,5004Beds/2Baths/2420SqftRidgeview Ranch 04
Plano3900 Sebring Lane$249,0004Beds/3Baths/2609SqftRiver Bend North
Plano3129 Mossycup Oak Drive$249,0005Beds/3.1Baths/3214SqftPrairie Creek Estates 03
Plano644 Severn Drive$249,9004Beds/3.1Baths/3301SqftChase Oaks 01
Plano8501 Kite Meadow Court$249,9005Beds/2.1Baths/2881SqftPreston Hollow
Plano4004 Prairie View Drive$249,9905Beds/4Baths/3562SqftStoney Hollow #01
Plano6708 Shady Valley Lane$250,0004Beds/3.1Baths/3531SqftShoal Creek 06
Plano3305 Jacobson Drive Road$250,0004Beds/3.1Baths/2914SqftHighlands Of Russell Park 01
Plano2908 Broadstone $250,0004Beds/3Baths/3053SqftRidgeview Ranch
Plano2148 Prager Port Drive$253,7363Beds/2.1Baths/1809SqftLegacy Villas
Plano2144 Shingle Lane$255,4293Beds/2.1Baths/1809SqftLegacy Villas
Plano2313 Forest Bend Lane$258,3003Beds/2.1Baths/3238SqftOak Point Estates
Plano649 Kingsbury Drive$259,9004Beds/2.1Baths/3301SqftChase Oaks 01
Plano4301 San Patricio Drive$259,9005Beds/3.1Baths/3623SqftHighlands Of Preston Ridge 01
Plano3213 Staten Island Drive$259,9004Beds/2Baths/2513SqftHighlands Of Russell Park #01
Plano4109 Starlight Drive$259,9995Beds/4Baths/3376SqftFairfax Meadows
Plano3716 Beechcraft Trail$264,9005Beds/3.1Baths/3105SqftKimberlea 02
Plano2512 Nasmyth Street$265,0005Beds/3.1Baths/3729SqftHunters Glen 11
Plano4220 Mcdaniel $268,9004Beds/3Baths/2713SqftWhiffletree #10
Plano2128 Cardinal Circle$269,0004Beds/3.1Baths/2890SqftWillowbrook East
Plano2209 Country Club Drive$269,9004Beds/3Baths/2703SqftQuail Creek
Plano2113 Caleche Drive$269,9004Beds/4.1Baths/3399SqftCreekside Estates 03
Plano3509 Kingsgate Court$269,9004Beds/3Baths/2823SqftCarriage Hill 02
Plano8013 Katrina Path Circle$275,5005Beds/4Baths/3960SqftCrystal Creek
Plano9409 Windy Ridge $279,0004Beds/3.1Baths/3439SqftHighlands Of Russell Park 02A
Plano2217 Grand Canyon Court$279,5004Beds/3Baths/3331SqftKnolls At Russell Creek 02
Plano8104 Highland Shores Drive$280,0004Beds/3.1Baths/3544SqftSpring Ridge 04
Plano4109 Ramblewood Drive$284,9004Beds/3Baths/2812SqftNorthridge Estates 03
Plano2912 Royal Troon Way$284,9004Beds/3Baths/3408SqftHunters Creek Estates 02
Plano2804 Bellerive Drive$289,9004Beds/2.1Baths/2875SqftRidgeview Ranch 06
Plano2924 Grand Hollow Drive$292,0004Beds/2.1Baths/2912SqftRidgeview Ranch 04
Plano7012 Mckavett $292,9005Beds/3.1Baths/3649SqftKings Ridge
Plano4412 Estacado Drive$299,0005Beds/3.1Baths/3586SqftPreston Meadow North 01
Plano3424 Halliford Lane$299,5006Beds/4Baths/4165SqftHighlands Of Russell Park 02A
Plano8417 Nash Court$300,0004Beds/3Baths/3211SqftStonehaven Place South 02
Plano3813 Sage Meadow Lane$304,0004Beds/3.1Baths/3235SqftBriar Meadow 01
Plano7224 Bassinghall Way$305,0005Beds/4.1Baths/3376SqftFairfax Meadows
Plano5809 Lorimar Lane$307,9004Beds/2.1Baths/3132SqftWillow Bend North
Plano4100 Casper Drive$309,9004Beds/4Baths/4103SqftWhiffletree 10
Plano7409 Anglebluff Drive$310,0004Beds/3.1Baths/3439SqftChase Oaks
Plano5500 Saratoga Place$314,0004Beds/4Baths/2880SqftOld Shepard Place 01
Plano2509 Lawrence Drive$314,9004Beds/4Baths/3129SqftBunker Hill View 01
Plano4736 Kingsgate Lane$319,0004Beds/3.1Baths/3062SqftHaversham
Plano8005 Saltburn Circle$325,0004Beds/3.1Baths/3102SqftCrystal Creek
Plano4016 Sandy Trail Drive$329,9005Beds/4Baths/3616SqftStonewood Glen
Plano5300 Ironside Court$334,9004Beds/3.1Baths/3801SqftCarriage Hill 01
Plano2105 Shetland Drive$335,0004Beds/3.1Baths/3453SqftBunker Hill View
Plano1324 High Meadows $339,9003Beds/3Baths/2634SqftOld Shepard Place
Plano8504 Courtyard Drive$339,9004Beds/3.1Baths/3531SqftVillages Of Russell Creek 03B
Plano4625 Shadow Crest Trail$349,9004Beds/2.1Baths/3349SqftDeerfield 01
Plano6728 Brewer Drive$349,9004Beds/3Baths/3082SqftHills At Prestonwood 03
Plano4021 Bent Tree Springs Drive$349,9004Beds/3.1Baths/3756SqftFountain Creek
Plano8120 Thornbranch Dr Drive$350,0005Beds/3.1Baths/4155SqftSpring Ridge
Plano6313 Olive Branch $359,0005Beds/4Baths/3738SqftGlenhollow Estates
Plano7601 Old Veranda Court$359,0005Beds/4Baths/3870SqftEstates Of Forest Creek 08
Plano9208 Southgate Road$359,0004Beds/3.1Baths/3425SqftHickory Ridge
Plano4508 Celadine Drive$359,9004Beds/4.1Baths/3605SqftDeerfield 02
Plano3905 Chesapeake Drive$359,9004Beds/3Baths/3282SqftVillages Of Preston Meadow
Plano1505 Royal Melbourne Drive$364,0004Beds/3Baths/2949SqftShepards Glen
Plano3221 Roundtree Drive$364,5004Beds/3.1Baths/3581SqftHills At Prestonwood 07
Plano3749 Tupelo Way$369,0004Beds/3.1Baths/4375SqftEstates Of Forest Creek 08
Plano5720 Gallant Fox Drive$375,0003Beds/3.1Baths/2092SqftTown Homes At Legacy Town Cent
Plano5844 Leigh $378,9004Beds/3.1Baths/3300SqftSteeplechase
Plano3300 Lakedale Drive$379,0004Beds/3Baths/3308SqftWhiffletree 05
Plano3832 Tree Farm Drive$379,9004Beds/3.1Baths/3851SqftForest Creek North 04
Plano1313 Carmel Drive$384,5004Beds/3Baths/2649SqftStone Lake Estates 01
Plano1916 White Castle Drive$399,0004Beds/3.1Baths/3042SqftPitman Creek Estates 02
Plano7300 Medallion Lane$399,9004Beds/4Baths/3907SqftEstates Of Forest Creek 7C
Plano6932 Harvey Drive$412,0003Beds/3.1Baths/3159SqftKings Ridge #02
Plano7000 Sandy Trail Lane$414,9006Beds/4.1Baths/4547SqftWhiffletree 05
Plano5304 Rosemont Dr Court$424,0004Beds/3.2Baths/4115SqftCarriage Hill 01
Plano8140 High Mesa $424,9005Beds/4Baths/3508SqftWoods Of Suncreek
Plano4437 Wembley Drive$425,0005Beds/4Baths/3366SqftHighlands Of Preston Ridge 02
Plano7404 Woodwind Court$425,0004Beds/3.1Baths/4059SqftDeerfield East 02
Plano5808 Homestead Drive$425,0005Beds/4Baths/3512SqftWindhaven
Plano2209 Saint Georges Lane$429,0005Beds/4Baths/3981SqftCambridge Place At Russell Cre
Plano3201 Lazy Oak Drive$439,0004Beds/3.1Baths/3292SqftWillow Bend North
Plano6505 Quinton Point Lane$439,8905Beds/4.1Baths/4051SqftPointe West
Plano8604 Prestonwood Drive$440,0004Beds/3.1Baths/3680SqftEstates At Wooded Cove 02
Plano2700 Meadowhaven Drive$459,9004Beds/3.1Baths/3970SqftHills At Prestonwood 08B
Plano5732 Oak Arbor Drive Drive$475,0005Beds/4.1Baths/4004SqftWindhaven
Plano3205 Broken Bow Drive$475,0003Beds/3Baths/2747SqftGreens Of Gleneagles
Plano2709 Conner Circle$490,9005Beds/5.1Baths/4225SqftPreston Lakes
Plano4648 Albany Circle$499,9004Beds/4.1Baths/4400SqftHarrington Homeplace
Plano5005 Sandray Drive$534,9004Beds/4.1Baths/4077SqftShepards Glen
Plano2813 Ethridge Court$539,9004Beds/4Baths/3960SqftWillow Bend West #02
Plano4577 Notre Dame Drive$542,0005Beds/3.1Baths/5265SqftDeerfield North
Plano2600 Woodwind Drive$550,0004Beds/4.1Baths/4477SqftWillow Bend West 05 01A
Plano5900 Columbine Drive$575,0005Beds/3.1Baths/4227SqftWindhaven 06
Plano6817 Ethridge Way$595,0004Beds/3.1Baths/4172SqftThe Hills At Prestonwood
Plano4553 Ethridge Drive$599,0004Beds/4.1Baths/5265SqftDeerfield North
Plano4549 Bridge Creek Drive$610,0005Beds/5.1Baths/5078SqftDeerfield North
Plano5012 Bernay Drive$659,0003Beds/3.1Baths/3924SqftLakeside On Preston # 06
Plano5761 Shady Elm Lane$674,9004Beds/3.1Baths/4328SqftAvignon Windhaven 01
Plano5609 Pickwick Circle$674,9004Beds/4Baths/4270SqftThe Cliffs Of Gleneagles
Plano2701 Berks Lane$779,9004Beds/5Baths/4630SqftPreston Lakes Estates
Plano5504 Ryder Court$799,0005Beds/5Baths/5948SqftCastlemere 02
Plano2805 Pickwick Court$799,9005Beds/5Baths/5007SqftEnclave At Willow Bend 01
Plano2700 Dove Creek Lane$799,9004Beds/3.1Baths/4271SqftPreston Lakes Estates
Plano5832 Beauchamp Drive Lane$849,9004Beds/3.1Baths/5099SqftLakeside On Preston 05A
Plano2912 Roswell Drive$899,0005Beds/3.2Baths/5081SqftEnclave At Willow Bend 01
Plano5701 Wellshire Drive$950,0005Beds/5.1Baths/5360SqftMeadows Of Willow Bend
Plano3200 Royal Creek Court$995,0004Beds/4.1Baths/5839SqftCreeks Of Willow Bend 01
Plano5060 Northbrook Lane$999,0005Beds/4.1Baths/5325SqftCreeks Of Willow Bend
Plano5701 Cliffview Drive$1,100,0005Beds/4.1Baths/5771SqftPebble Brook At Willow Bend
Plano1808 Hunter Drive$1,395,0004Beds/6.1Baths/6789SqftCliffs Gleneagles
Plano3201 Lane$2,500,0007Beds/6.1Baths/7000SqftOakbrook Estates

* The Statistics above are based on information from the Dallas area NTREIS Listing MLS Service.

NOTE: This representation is based in whole or in part by NTREIS.
NTREIS does not guarantee nor is in any way responsible for it's
accuracy.  Data maintained by NTREIS may not reflect
all real estate activity in the market.

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